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Remote Training

The Great Pandemic of 2020 has ushered in a new era in dog training, in which you and I can use simple video chat platforms to discuss your training goals, develop appropriate plans, and execute them efficiently and effectively.


Online, Your Time

You may think it can’t be done. In reality, there are few problems that can’t be addressed through remote training, and in the case of separation anxiety, remote training is required. All kinds of problems, from puppy potty training and play biting to addressing dogs who are fearful of noise or even the outside world as a whole can benefit from remote consultations. They also enable me to help you no matter where you are in the city, the country or even the world! 

How Does
It Work?

First we meet for a consultation over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. We will review your dog’s history, establish your goals, and outline management and training options. Next, I will develop a training plan and guide its implementation. If I need to demonstrate technique I will use my own dog or a stuffed life-sized dog. In between sessions I will review video, respond to questions and trouble-shoot any areas of concern. 

Modern Methods Modern Tech


We don't just wing it

We know What we're doing

Working remotely can be fun. It can also remove an element of stress for your dog if he or she is fearful, especially if fearful of strangers.

All you need is an internet connection, a computer, tablet or mobile phone; a hungry dog and plenty of treats!  I can guide you through the set-up, which is very easy, and all you have to do is show up – in your PJ’s if you feel like it!

We will guide you through

Convenient, Effective Efficient

The world is changing and we are changing with it, creatively using modern tools and techniques to help you train your dogs and socialize your puppies no matter where you are.