Well Done Charlie Dog Training


Would you like a dog with polite manners who you can take anywhere? We can teach them the skills they need to become well-mannered, safe citizens of your household while strengthening your bond and providing them with fun mental stimulation. 


Key Skills


Sit is a valuable, all-purpose behavior that is useful in dozens of situations. After all, your dog can't sit and jump up at the same time, or sit and lung at other dogs. It's a skill that, when solid, underpins all training.


Would you like to sit at an outdoor cafe while your pup relaxes at your feet? Or sign for a package without your dog rushing to door? A strong down-stay is a very handy skill to have in a wide range of circumstances.


Coming when called is a vital skill that can literally be life-saving. We teach your dog to come not just in the house, but at the dog park, on the street, and amid real life distractions. Moreover, it's fun to learn!


Wait is a valuable skill for any dog to have, whether it's waiting at crosswalks or going through doorways, waiting for the elevator or getting out of cars. It helps keep our dogs safe and makes for polite canine citizens.


Does your dog pester you at dinner? Or while you are trying to work? Does he dash to the door when visitors arrive? A dog that stays on cue is an important skill for dogs and comes in handy in many situations


Whether it's the TV Remote, an old chicken bone, a greasy paper bag lurking on the sidewalk or even a squirrel, we want our dogs to turn away on cue from things that may be valuable to us or dangerous to them.

"Toni is truly a gifted dog trainer. She has shown me how to train my cockapoo puppy to stay in place, not jump on guests and walk on a loose leash. Toni's gentle approach has let Sammie remain her energetic and enthusiastic self but to behave better in social interactions."
Mary Mitchelson
& Sammie

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We use positive reinforcement to install new skills, working with well-vetted plans that have been tested on thousands of dogs and are proven to be not just effective but efficient. Time is money and we won’t waste either of yours.

Well done charlie!