Speaking Dog

To teach your dog obedience, we first need to teach you how to speak dog.  Together you will learn to understand each other so your dog can develop the obedience skills needed to navigate the city, whether it's relaxing in the house, enjoying the sunshine at an outdoor cafe, sitting for greetings or leaving alone the greasy bag fluttering on the sidewalk.


Coming when called is a vital skill for dogs that can literally be life-saving. We teach your dog to come not just in the house, but at the dog park, on the street, and amid real life distractions. Moreover, it's surprisingly fun and easy to learn!


Sit is a valuable, all-purpose behavior that can be useful in dozens of situations. After all, your dog can't sit and jump up at the same time, or sit and lunge at other dogs. It is a skill that, when solid, underpins all training.


Would you like to sit at an outdoor cafe while your pup relaxes at your feet? Or have dinner guests over without being mugged for food? Or sign for a package without having your dog rush the door?  Down-stay is a great skill to have!


Wait is a valuable skill for any city dog, whether it's waiting at crosswalks, waiting for dinner, going in and out of buildings and elevators, or getting out of cars.  It helps keep our dogs safe and makes for a polite canine citizen.


Does your dog pester you at dinner? Or while you are trying to work? Does he dash out the door when visitors arrive? A dog that stays on cue is an essential skill for doggy city slickers and can get you out of a world of trouble.


Whether it's the Thanksgiving turkey or an old chicken-bone or greasy bag lurking on the sidewalk, we want our dogs to turn away immediately from things that may be valuable to us or dangerous to them.  We can help.

Training Packages