Behavior Solutions

Legal vs illegal

Dogs come into our lives pre-programmed to dig, jump up, chew, scavenge for food, chase critters and bark. It's what makes them who they are! It doesn't mean they are bad or stubborn or malicious. They just need to be taught to channel those impulses in a different way. We offer behavior solutions by providing alternative opportunities for your dog to have fun and offering "legal" outlets for their natural but "illegal" behaviors!



Barking is as natural for dogs as speaking is for humans. But it's not always something that fits well into our life-style, especially for apartment block dwellers. We teach your dog when he or she can legally bark and when they need to stop.


Dogs are descended from wolves and wolves bury and store food for later.  Our dogs don't need to do that but they still have some old programming.  We can teach them to dig in designated spots, not your flower pots.


Dogs and puppies have no concept of an item's value. Your iPhone, your designer shoes, your favorite backpack, to your pup is just another chew toy. Our job is to teach your pup how to discriminate between "their" toys and yours.

Jumping Up

If your dog jumps up to greet, the good news is that you have a dog that loves people. We want that to continue. But we will teach her that to get what she wants she needs to keep all four paws on the floor. Believe it or not, it can be done!

Pulling on leash

Dogs who pull on leash typically do so for one reason: they are excited to explore their environment, and they walk faster than we do!  We can help you and your dog enjoy your walks together without it being a battle.

Stealing Food

Dogs, like their wolf ancestors, are scavengers. They will eat anything in sight! We will help you arrange your environment to protect your belongings and the Sunday roast, while giving your dog other options for earning good things.

How We Work

Solving dog behavior problems doesn't have to be grim. It typically means arranging your dog's environment so she can't practice the unwanted behavior, training in an alternative, "legal" behaviors, and using non-violent penalties such as time-out when she chooses the "illegal" behavior! We use proven techniques designed to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Talk to us about how we can help!

July 4th Street Fair

Client Tilly, enjoying the 8th Street SE Fourth of July parade.

Having Fun

Hanging out and getting snacks on a sunny day on Capitol Hill

City dog Perks

Keeping a look out for dropped snacks while taking in the sights and sounds.

Smells Galore at the Navy Yard

The waterfront at Navy Yard offers a myriad of fun sights and smells!

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