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Dogs come into our lives programmed to dig, jump up, chew, chase critters and bark. It's what makes them who they are. It doesn't make them bad or malicious. They are just doing their thing. We help you give your dog "legal" outlets for their natural but "illegal" behaviors so that everyone is happy.

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Such as...


Barking is as natural for dogs as speaking is for humans. But it's not always something that fits well into our lifestyle, especially for folks living in apartments. We teach your dog that they can speak, but when we ask for quiet, they stop barking.


Dogs are descended from wolves and wolves bury and store food for later. Our dogs don't need to do that but they still have some old programming. We can teach them to dig in legal, designated spots, not in your borders or flower beds.


Dogs have no concept of an item's value. Your iPhone, your designer shoes, your favorite backpack, to your pup are all just chew toys. Our job is to teach your pup to develop a preference for chewing their own so they don't chew your shoes.

Jumping Up

If your dog jumps up to greet, the good news is that you have a dog that loves people. We want that to continue. But we can teach them that to get what they want they need to keep all four paws on the floor. Yes, it can be done!

Pulling on Leash

Dog who are not fearful and pull on leash typically do so for one reason: they are excited to explore their environment. They walk faster than we do! We can help you enjoy your walks together without it being a battle.


Dogs are scavengers. They will frequently eat first and ask questions later! We can help you arrange your environment to protect your things and your dinner, while teaching your dog other ways to work for their food.

"My husband and I have two dogs and in anticipation of the birth of our first child realized we needed to fix some behavior issues. Toni's ability to work with the dogs and us has been life changing. Our dogs are happier, they listen, they are calmer and we have better control in a loving and peaceful environment."
Gabrielle Tucci
Francis & Pablo

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Solving behavior problems typically means arranging your dog’s environment so he or she can’t practice the unwanted behavior, training in an alternative, desired behavior, and using non-violent penalties such as time-outs if they then choose the illegal behavior. Talk to us about the techniques we use and how we can help.

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