Well Done Charlie Dog Training

Fear & Aggression

Fear is the easiest thing to install in dogs and the hardest thing to get rid of. There are so many ways dogs can become fearful, including genetics, lack of socialization, bad experiences and gestational stress.  It is a horrible way to live, and it can spawn aggression, so it's important to alleviate fear with compassion and expert techniques.


Problems such as....

Resource Guarding

Dogs naturally guard prized possessions from other dogs as well as humans, just as we might guard our very expensive smart phones or cars. But we can help them learn to feel comfortable when we take away their valuable, prized items.

Fearful Outside

Many dogs in the city come from rural areas and may have had limited exposure to the kind of noise and crowds that we in the city are accustomed to. We can help to acclimatize them in a carefully planned way so that you both can enjoy your walks.

Leash Lunging

Dogs who lunge at other dogs on leash are typically fearful or frustrated. Such noisy displays can alarm observers and cause stress to dogs and their owners. We have safe, humane techniques to reduce lunging and make your walks more fun .

Body Handling

Vet visits and grooming can be among the most dreaded activities for many dogs and their owners. Animals are not born liking being restrained, but we can help your dog become comfortable with vet and other procedures.

Sound Sensitivity

Dogs who suffer from sound sensitivity can have a hard time in the city, with the sirens and construction and, of course, fireworks. Sound sensitivity is often genetic in nature, but we can help improve his quality of life.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a tragic panic disorder that can make life miserable for both dogs and owners alike. Our trainer is certified in this field and will work to help alleviate your dog's fear and give you back your freedom.

"Toni is a miracle worker! At the start of training, my 6mo rescue, Nellie, would cower, hide and bark anytime she saw a stranger, and she could not walk in the hallways, elevators or go outside without trembling, debilitating fear. Now, just 4 months later, Nellie is a confident, well-adjusted city dog who pays no mind to strangers, wags her tail on walks, and bounces back quickly when she gets startled by city sounds."
& Nellie

Change your dog's emotional response

From "Yuk!" to "Yipee!"

We use classical conditioning (think Pavlov) to change your dog’s emotional response to the things that scare him and prompt him to flee or to say “back off!” And we teach him that the things that he finds scary predict very good things for him, such as chicken and cheese.