Fear and Aggression

He punched me first!

Our dogs spend much of their time navigating busy streets, encountering strange people, odd places and unfamiliar dogs. This can be be scary or frustrating or both. And sometimes dogs who are afraid lash out to make the thing that scares them go away. We work to make your dog more comfortable so that there is no need to aggress.

Dogs naturally guard prized possessions from other dogs as well as humans, just as we might guard our expensive smart phones. But we can help them learn to feel comfortable, and even love it, when things are taken away from them.

Stranger Aggression

Dogs who are fearful of new people and retreat, bark, growl or lunge at strangers  can be taught that strangers are good news for your dog, helping them learn to  welcome and enjoy having new people into their lives.

Dog-Dog Aggression

Dogs who lunge at each other on leash are often frustrated or fearful.  Such displays can look alarming to observers and cause stress to owners. Fortunately we have techniques to modify this behavior and reduce the accompanying anxiety.

Body Handling

Vet visits and grooming are among the most dreaded activities for many dogs and their owners. Animals are not born liking having their bodies handled; but we can help your dog become comfortable with both procedures.

Sound Sensitivity

Dogs who suffer from sound sensitivity can have a hard time in the city, with the sirens and construction and, of course, fireworks. Sound sensitivity can be genetic, but we can help improve your dog's quality of life.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a devastating panic disorder that can make life hellish for dogs and owners alike. We and our specialist partners offer hope, empathy and help for your fearful dog to give you both back your lives and happiness.

How to Speak Dog

Living with a dog who is fearful or aggressive requires that we understand when they are uncomfortable. If we don't listen or can't read when our dogs are afraid, they may aggress to put distance between themselves and the thing that scares or threatens them. We teach you to read your dog's body language as part of a broad program to reduce his or her fear.

Fight or Fun?

Play and aggression can look alike on the surface. We help you decode the signals that tell dogs which is which.

Don't Hurt Me

Fear is very easy to acquire and very difficult erase. That's true of humans too! Talk to us about how we can help.

Body Handling

Dogs are not born liking having their bodies handled. Luckily we can make them much more comfortable with it.

This is Mine!

Who likes having things taken away? We can teach dogs that having things taken away is actually a positive thing.

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