Well Done Charlie Dog Training


The first three months of a puppy's life are of utmost importance in determining how successfully he or she will adapt to our human world. There are certain things that puppies can *only* learn during this period, so the sooner we get started the better.


The Clock

Setting Your Puppy
Up for Success

If you do no other training in your whole life, put time and money into your puppy. What you do during this period will have life-long consequences. This is your best opportunity to prevent serious behavior problems down the road.  We offer a soup-to-nuts puppy package or a-la-cart services according to your needs.

In the meantime, at all costs avoid scaring your puppy. Fear is the easiest thing in the world to install and the very hardest to get rid of. We want to pad your puppy with many good experiences so that when life inevitably throws him a curve-ball one day, it will be diluted amid his many good experiences.


This process involves exposing your puppy to as many different types of people, dogs, places, sights and sounds as possible and making those experiences positive to pad the puppy.

Soft Mouth

This is the period puppies learn how to inhibit their bite so that if they do feel the need to bite later in life they will not do so with brute force. It can't be learned later.

Body Handling

Dogs aren't born liking handling. It would have likely meant capture by predators for their wolf ancestors. But we can teach them to enjoy it through careful exposure.

My Stuff

We all have possessions that we don't want other people to touch or take. Dogs do too. But we can to teach them to like it when we approach and take their prized possessions away.


We arrange your puppy's environment so he can't practice peeing or pooping inside - for example by using a confinement area or tether - while rewarding him for going outside.

Basic Obedience

It's never too early to teach your puppy basic skills such as "sit," "down," "stay," "wait," and "come when called" so they can adapt and be happy in our often strange and weird human world.

"Working with Toni as soon as we brought our labradoodle puppy home was the best decision we could have made. We cannot recommend her services enough. Toni spent a significant amount of time taking our puppy out into the world to socialize her. As dog parents with full-time jobs this would have been very hard for us to do on our own. Toni also helped us with basic obedience, grooming and potty training. And maybe most importantly, she gave us the confidence we needed as first-time dog owners to enjoy raising our puppy."
& Ruby

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