The first three months of a dog's life are of utmost importance in determining how successfully she will adapt to our human world. It is the period when dogs are most open and eager to explore their environment.

Once this window closes, dogs, like all animals, tend to approach new things with caution if not outright fear. Getting rid of fear, though doable, is more difficult than preventing it!

Our goal is to give your puppy the best prospect for success in life by introducing him to as many sights, sounds, dogs and people as possible while ensuring that these interactions are enjoyable for him. When he comes across these things later in life he will be more likely to respond in a relaxed, sociable manner.

We offer a variety of puppy services, including a soups-to-nuts package that includes house-training, puppy biting, crate-training, alone-time training, chew-training, name recognition and basic obedience. We will guide you every step of the way but the clock is ticking. Let's help you get this right!


Training Packages