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Whether your dog is a Chihuahua or a Bull Mastiff, we use the same modern, field-tested techniques to help; from potty-training your puppy to alleviating fear or aggression.

dog dachshund, black and tan, in a cardigan with cardboard "snack" begging on a city street autumn

Will work for snacks! 

Contented Jack Russell Terrier at backyard lawn

Will come when called!

team or couple of dogs  with glasses as secretary or operator with red old  dial telephone or retro classic phone and pc laptop computer

Will focus and learn!

Caucasian bearded man in face mask and protective glasses holding up cute dog jack russell near face. Concept of pet allergy or dog smell in house

Will learn to love masks!

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We offer puppy training and socialization to ensure your little ball of fluff grows up to become a happy adult who enjoys people and dogs. No time? Don't worry. I will come to and do it for you.

Remote Training

Remote training is an efficient and effective way to address many issues; from basic obedience and naughty behavior to fear, separation anxiety and even some forms of aggression.


We teach your dog the obedience skills you need to fit comfortably, safely and happily into your life, from a basic "sit" to an extended "stay" and "come when called" these are the building blocks you need.

Behavior Problems

Dogs come into our lives pre-programmed to dig, jump up, chew, bark and chase critters. We offer a range of solutions that include legal alternatives for your dog's natural but "illegal" behavior.

Separation Anxiety

Few things are more distressing than living with a dog who panics when left alone. But with expert help and patience, there is a well established path through this painful and common situation.

Fear & Aggression

Fear and aggression are two sides of the same coin. They are designed to protect your dog or protect his "stuff." We can help change your dog's response so he does not feel the need to react.

"We rescued a dog from Korea with a very difficult personality, including severe resource-guarding. He had bitten a number of people including myself and had been relinquished twice to our organization. Under Toni's guidance he's completely turned himself around. I recommend her to our adopters who need help with their dogs and they have all told me they are extremely happy."
Regina Paik
Band For Animals Rescue Organization

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Hi, I’m Toni Clarke, CTC, CSAT, VSA-CDT and I’ll be your trainer. I’m certified, experienced and humane. Moreover, I promise to be utterly transparent in everything I do or propose to do with your dog. We will work in partnership, as a team. I will be your cheerleader and guide on you and your pup’s training journey no matter how short or long.