Smart Training for City Dogs

We are a private, boutique dog training company based on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. We offer in-home dog  and puppy training and behavior modification to help you and your dog navigate the complexities of city living.

We are committed to providing you with the utmost transparency in our process and are here to answer every question you may have about our  credentials and how we work.

We use modern, force-free techniques to teach new skills, modify unwanted behavior and alleviate fear and aggression. And we take new puppies on joy-filled journeys of discovery designed to set them up to be happy, confident adults.


Our Services

Puppy Training

We offer puppy training and socialization to ensure your little ball of fluff grows up to become a happy adult who enjoys people and dogs. No time? Don’t worry. We come to your house and do it for you.

Fear and Aggression

Fear and aggression are often two sides of the same coin. We can help change your dog’s emotional reaction to the things that scare him so that he no longer feels the need to flee or to be aggressive.

Obedience & Behavior

We teach your dog the obedience and behavior skills needed to safely enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. We use scientifically proven, force-free techniques that are both effective and efficient.

Meet Our Trainer

What People Say About Us

We rescued a dog from Korea with a very difficult personality, including severe resource-guarding.  He had bitten a number of people including myself and had been relinquished twice to our organization.  Under Toni’s guidance he’s completely turned himself around. I recommend her to our adopters who need help with their dogs and they have all told me they are extremely happy.
Regina Paik, Band For Animals Rescue

After a horrific experience with an uncertified trainer we engaged Toni and are over the moon with the growth we have seen in Habibi, our 3-year-old maltipoo. Toni is compassionate, loving, reliable, punctual, professional, patient, and seemingly a miracle worker. Words can not adequately express how happy we are that Habibi is now expressing his calm, playful and loving nature with us.

Fatimah, Sam and Habibi

When I first started looking for a fur-baby I was extremely uncertain. Enter Toni, who listened to my concerns and guided me to the perfect dog. Toni quickly taught Maple the basics and to come when called and helped us tame her chewing habits. Throughout our work, Toni demonstrated an immense amount of patience for Maple and for us! We can’t thank her enough for the joy she has brought us.

Linda & Maple

Toni is absolutely brilliant! She has developed such and amazing connection with our dog, Wallace, and with us as a family. Our five- year old rescue mutt needed training with basic commands as well as not begging for food. Toni’s sessions were extremely effective and she gave us the tools to continue training by ourselves. She showed that we us we can raise our pup in a home with no scolding or guilt.

Chelsea & Wally

When I adopted Tilly I was overwhelmed and had no idea how to deal with a dog that was fearful. Toni came to our rescue! She was professional and patient with both of us. She helped Tilly learn to overcome her fears and Tilly grew to love her training sessions! Toni miraculously helped Tilly and I strengthen our bond and got us off on the right footing toward a happy life together. Thank you, Toni!

Cecelia & Tilly

Training Tips


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