Private Training

We coach you and your dog in your home at a time convenient to you. Or, we come to your home and train your dog for you while you are out or busy doing other things:

The cost: $125.00 per hour

What's Included?

The training (and coaching if desired)

All training treats

Unlimited phone and email support between sessions

A written training plan

Video documentation of our progress (if day-training)

Follow-up notes and instructions

Unlimited phone and email support for one month following the end of training


A three-session package: $337.50 (10% discount)

A five-session package: $531.25 (15% discount)






Puppy Package

We offer a 6-week, soups-to-nuts puppy package designed to prepare your puppy for the wide gamut of experiences he is likely to face in life. We come to your house twice a week at your convenience:

The cost: $1,000

What's included?


Teaching your puppy to bite softly

Unlimited phone and email availability

A written training plan

Body handling, including brushing, toothbrushing

Socialization to a wide variety of people, sights and sounds and making those associations happy

Teaching your puppy to love having his food bowl, toys, chewies removed so he is less likely to guard

Crate training and chew training

Basic obedience, including name recognition, sit, down, leave-it and come when called.

Follow-up notes and instructions

The clock is ticking. Let us help you get your dog off to her best start in life!



Vacation Package

We will train and look after your dog in your home while you are on vacation or a business trip. This can be easier on your dog than boarding and gets training in too!

The cost: $2,000 per week

What's included?

The training

All training treats, toys and games if needed

Unlimited phone and email access while you are away

A written training plan

Video documentation of our progress

Facetime or Skype sessions so you can see your pup while you are away

Exercise, playtime and mental stimulation

Feeding, medication if needed

Overnight stay with your dog so he is in the comfort of his own home

Follow-up notes and instructions

*We don't offer pet sitting services without the training component

*Complex fear and aggression cases may require greater owner participation during day training, and may not be appropriate candidates for the vacation package.

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